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Community Synagogue of Monsey, NY. Kehilat Nofei Hashemesh, Israel. Young Israel of Manhattan, NY. Young Israel of Monsey, NY. Ahavas Yisroel of Flushing, NY. Camp Bonim Waymart, PA.

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Borov Monsey, NY. Ahavas Yitzchok of Monsey, NY. Chabad of Rechavia, Jerusalem, Israel. Westmont Shul of Thornhill, Canada. Agudath Israel of Baltimore, MD. Points of Contact - Israel. Ohr Hamizrach, Brooklyn, NY. Lakeview Estates - Fallsburg, NY. Elmshade Estates - Fallsburg, NY.

Riverdale Jewish Center, NY. Boca Raton Synagogue, FL.

Groundbreaking Progress for Second Time Shidduchim as Over 300 Attend Bayis Shaini Event

Bal Harbour Shidduch Group Meeting. Chabad of Henderson, NV. Chabad of Kingston, PA. Kehillas Bnei Torah - Harnof, Israel. Shevet Ahim - Panama. Sephardic Beverly Hills, CA. Ohr Hamizrach - Baltimore, MD. Young Israel of Midwood, NY. Emunas Yisroel - Brooklyn, NY. Ohr Hachaim - Monsey, NY. Maitland Minyan - Teaneck, NJ. BYA Alumni Worldwide. Chabad of Hancock Park, CA. Aneinu - Chicago, IL. Camp Morasha. United Synagogue of Sheffield, UK.Website sponsored by Mr.

Malkiel Goldberger in honor of their precious children. Contact our Shadchanim. Shidduch Center Dedicated Shadchanim Mrs. Michelle Mond Mrs. Tova Rappaport Mrs. Keren Traub Mrs. Mond began dabbling in shidduchim eight years ago to help set up her friends. She is known to truly understand the singles she meets and what they are looking for, and goes the extra mile during the dating process to be there for the singles she helps.

While Mrs. Mond works with all singles, she has a special focus on young women who are looking for shidduchim with bachurim who are also professionals; either those looking to work in the near future or those working already. She has also developed a reputation as a shidduch mentor who has brought to a successful conclusion many shidduchim that may otherwise have fallen apart.

Traub is known for her positive and high-energy approach towards everything she dedicates herself to doing, and she takes the time to really get to know each single person she meets with.

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Traub works with all singles, she has a special focus on young women who are looking for shidduchim with bachurim who plan on learning in Kollel for a few years, and have a plan for their future profession. Contact Mrs. Mond Contact Mrs. Rappaport Contact Mrs. Traub Mrs. Yocheved Strum Mrs. Shani Leiman A native Baltimorean, Mrs. Yocheved Strum has been making shidduchim for many years. Strum understands the issues that contemporary daters face; is known to walk couples through every aspect of the dating process; and her insights and wisdom have been instrumental in aiding many single men and women to effectively navigate the dating process.

Strum works with all demographics of single men and women, and takes steps to ensure that each dater feels understood and comfortable, she specializes with those who plan to learn in yeshiva, or are committed to being kovea itim, after marriage Originally from Monsey, NY, Mrs. Shani Leiman has been living in the Silver Spring area with her family for 17 years. Leiman has become a very active shadchan, meeting numerous singles each month.

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She works with all types of singles and families. Strum Contact Mrs. A native Baltimorean, Mrs. Strum works with all demographics of single men and women, and takes steps to ensure that each dater feels understood and comfortable, she specializes with those who plan to learn in yeshiva, or are committed to being kovea itim, after marriage.

Originally from Monsey, NY, Mrs.Sign up now! A service designed to help Frum singles navigate the Shidduch system in a more productive and effective manner than ever before. By putting your profile on Yismach, you are in effect introducing yourself to many of the well-known independent.

Every shadchan personally knows hundreds of other available possibilities, so you could potentially be matched with any one of the people that each shadchan knows.

Signup Donate. Join Yismach now! Donate Now! Davening by Kivrei Tzadikim around the world! Based upon old seferim that predict relationship success by names, save time dating the wrong people. Send us names of anyone in shidduchim you're interested in and we will check the names for compatibility. Shidduchim for most is a confusing and frustrating mix of dashed hopes and false starts.

Discover the pitfalls to avoid.

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Join the Best Shidduch Organization Sign up now! Why do I need Yismach? Over recognized professional shadchanim Personal response and follow up A pledge to daven for you until you find your match.

Once again, because of Yismach. If you or your child is in the "parsha" - please do yourself a favor and register on Yismach. Ramat Bet Shemesh. We wanted to let you know that, b"h, our son is a chassan!

We really appreciated all your suggestions and moral support during the rather drawn-out shidduch process. It was so heartening to hear of possibilities when no one else was suggesting anyone.

All your suggestions were well-worth considering and it was nice to know you were thinking and searching on his behalf. We are by nature a nation which is involved and much dependent one on another especially when it comes to seeking a partner for life, finding one's lost other half.

By utilizing today's advanced technology, Rabbi Shmuel Newman is making this spiritual search a lot easier and less time consuming and frustrating, while protecting the privacy and dignity of each person. Rabbi Newman's keen concern for the current situation has sparked his strong involvement in this great mitzva. One can truly say "All his deeds are for the sake of Heaven" and he deserves our support and assistance in this holy work.

Donate to Yismach! Rav Morgenstern paskens: one can use their Maaser money to help Yismach help others find their zivugim Donate Now! Davening around the world Davening by Kivrei Tzadikim around the world!

Learn More. Halachos we compiled the comprehensive Halachos of Shidduchim! Learn also what a reference can say! Check out Hilchos Shidduchim! Name Compatibility Based upon old seferim that predict relationship success by names, save time dating the wrong people. Guide to the Perplexed Shidduchim for most is a confusing and frustrating mix of dashed hopes and false starts. Shiurim Rav Spitz explains in seven shiurim the halachos of shadchanus.

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shadchanim in passaic

Newsletter Updates. Subscribe Now!Below is a list of Shadchanim, bear in mind that not all of the below are "professional shadchanim" but are people just like you and me who like to help out our fellow Jews,so please pay attention to the notes and call only when appropriate. Barbara Fischer 6 Hilltop Place Call: 8am 10pm. Chaya Gradman 71 Decataur prefers BTs hat have been frum for at east 5 years; men who work and learn at night are ok; age mostly rom 20s to 30s; singles that she tries to help must trust her judgement.

Shoshana Greenwald 2 Sylvan Place made over shidduchim; very busy; call evenings pm Mrs. Florence Hammer 7 Kuperman Lane call am; only makes singles vents Mrs. Abe Scharf 8 Tokai Lane call for more details Mrs. Mirriam Schiffer 84 College Road requires personal interview Mrs. Zorach Shapiro 5 Route asks for personal interview Mrs.

Rifka Nachmias Ocean pkwy bklyn call for details Mrs. Maureen Weiner 44th Street Deals with all kinds; no ee; also works with disabled singles Mrs. Lillian Levmore th St. Schoenfeld rd St.

Wertenteil 76th Ave knows all kinds ; meet in person; requires references; Mrs. Basi Wolff th Street Only a little bit involved; best to all between 3 - 4pm; knows mostly American Yeshivish and regular Orthodox. Ruthie Stein Berkley St. Zachuto Ludgate involved part time, but tries to help whoever alls Mrs.

Turtletaub N.

shadchanim in passaic

Call: 8am 10pm. Director of the New York office of Neve Yerushalayim, is very active in making shidduchim. No charge; most girls she knows re late 20s to 30s; men he knows are same age range.

NYC Organizations. Deals primarily with BTs; art time, only meets at Shabbos lunch table; no phone interviews. Organizes events for singles offers personal coaching or singles; call 9 - 10pm. Mid to right; must meet in person; mostly people in 30s; has get togethers with even ratios.

Only a little bit involved; best to all between 3 - 4pm; knows mostly American Yeshivish and regular Orthodox. Staten Island Shadchanim. Far Rockaway Shadchanim. New Jersey Shadchanim. Lakewood Shadchanim. Baltimore Shadchanim. Chicago Shadchanim. Toronto Shadchanim. Los Angeles Shadchanim. Women 36 and older are looking for orthodox men 40 and over; date up to 5 LA women in one weekend; free hospitality; accommodations provided; no fee.

Israeli Shadchanim.Kesher of Lakewood was founded to help all singles in Shidduchim. Our mission is to help everyone find their bashert. Kesher is dedicated to assisting the singles, their parents and everyone in between.

Mrs. Fayge Rudman

Kesher of Lakewood closes the gap between Shadchanim and prospective singles. It is an organization that not only works around the clock to get people married, but also makes sure that every young man and woman has the opportunity to be met by prominent Shadchanim.

Kesher Lakewood began as a dream of a young successful shadchan named Mrs. Leiba Marsh le'iluy nishmas her mother-in-law, Mrs. Leah Marsh. Her first mission was to find a location where information about girls and boys would be accessible to shadchanim and to provide an atmosphere where shadchanim could work on their ideas and network with each other.

Her second mission was to find shidduchim for girls and boys in a most respectable way. With the help of the esteemed askanim Mr. Chesky Kaufthiel and Mr. Yosef Goldburd, founders of Kesher New York, and with tremendous siyata dishmaya, an infrastructure was created, and Kesher Lakewood was born.

Our Kesher shadchanim are a dedicated group of men and women who put countless hours a day into each girl and boy, doing research and phone calls. These shadchanim are true agents for each girl, aside from being a listening ear to those in need. After working for hours on a shidduch there are many rejections, yet these shadchanim persist, and try once again.

shadchanim in passaic

Who are these shadchanim who give so much of themselves? Mothers, Fathers, husbands, wives, kollel yungerlite, teachers etc. They are partners in the shiduchim process giving so much of their time, and perhaps only getting shadchanus for the one shidduch that happened that month, aside from all their phone bills and other expenses. In reality these shadchanim are invaluable, they are dedicated individuals who have the "chush" for shidduchim and the heart to care and give it their all.

We can proudly say that to date, we have countless Kesher volunteers in our organization, and many shidduchim have been made. Connecting People. Making Matches. Building Lives.Welcome to Gateways Connections, a member of the Gateways family of Jewish programs. The dedicated shadchanim of Connections are talented individuals, gifted with the keen sense of understanding the complimentary needs of every individual.

Connections shadchanim are comprised of men and women who devote great time, resources and energies to ensure that you are introduced to your Connection -for life.

Life is all about connections. With her trademark good humor, Fayge has made scores of matches, specializing in setting up singles in their late 20s and beyond, second-time singles, and baalei teshuva. She has been active in shidduchim for over 20 years, and runs events that successfully bring singles together from across the U. Originally from Lakewood, Malkie has been living with her family in Monsey for over 20 years.

An experienced shadchan, Malka has worked for Saw You at Sinai and is an event planner for singles events and Shabbatons. She is known for her warmth and availability, and for the special touch of class and comfort she infuses into all her events. Rabbi Friedman is originally from Chicago and now resides in Lakewood. He has extensive experience in Shidduchim and works full time for Gateways Connections. With years of shidduchim experience, particularly as a shadchan for the Binyan Adey Ad Junior Division, Ruchi helps young singles navigate the dating process, specializing in both learners and earners.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and five children. Dena lives in Brooklyn with her family. Lori is a real people person with many connections. She brings a fresh perspective to shidduchim with her positive outlook, sincerity and networking abilities. She lives in Monsey with her family. Sandi has been involved in community chesed projects since she moved to Monsey over two decades ago.

Devoted, caring, and always going the extra mile, she has made hundreds of wonderful matches. Adina is well known for her innovative and forward-thinking approach to singles, dating and matchmaking, as well as for her fun, relaxed and well-attended singles events. Tammy is known as a networker and a person with a listening ear.

Her experience helps her connect the right people together.

The Optimistic Shadchan: Fayge Rudman

She is a great asset to our team. Gateways Connections.

shadchanim in passaic

The Singles Division of Gateways. Gateways Connections Telephone: Email: connections gatewaysonline.Despite the surge of traffic on the Jewish dating sites, many frum single men and women are choosing to stick with the time-honored tradition of turning to a shadchan, preferring the assistance, connection and sage advice of a live intermediary.

A growing number of them are finding all this—plus their soul mates—with the help of Fayge Rudman. Rudman, forty-six, from Monsey, New York, who specializes in setting up older singles, currently works for Gateways Connections, the singles division of the kiruv organization Gateways.

Thus far, she has successfully matched scores of singles and recently beat her own record with four matches in five months. They have cause to believe her. She conducts her shidduch service strictly via e-mail. Preferring the speed and convenience of online communication to time-consuming interviews, Rudman requires her long list of hopefuls, who come recommended, send detailed profiles, and a description of the person they aspire to meet.

Before each event, she e-mails invitations to her growing list, written in her comical style. Courtesy of Fayge Rudman. Singles report they find a respectful advocate in Rudman. Just meet. Rudman is known for her combination of acceptance and genuine concern. Rudman realized her knack for making shidduchim in her twenties, when she herself was single. She then started setting people up on a small scale. In the mids, she decided to take her talent for matchmaking public.

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Leah, now thirty-six, was thirty-three, when she met her future husband, Harry, then twenty-eight, at a Rudman winter event held at a resort hotel in upstate New York. Leah decided to give it a go. She attended ten of them and never lost hope. Despite a raging December ice storm, Rudman refrained from canceling an event to accommodate two single men who had flown in from London. She received an e-mail from a young man from Turkey asking for her assistance in finding a suitable girl from a bordering country.

Her local clients know to ask her for dates whenever they plan a trip to Denver, Los Angeles, Miami or Australia. You told me I would get married. Courtesy of Fayge Rudman Singles report they find a respectful advocate in Rudman. Seventy singles attended. One marriage resulted. This article was featured in Jewish Action Spring Sign up and get JA in your inbox.